Uncomplicated goodness | Handcrafted in Nashville

Freshly-pressed juice + yeast + lots of T.L.C.
That’s what you can expect in our bottles. It’s that simple. We strive to bring you cider that is refreshing, delicious, exciting, and uncomplicated.


Woodblock print by amazing, local artist Michael Nelson.    Pay him a visit>>

Woodblock print by amazing, local artist Michael Nelson. Pay him a visit>>

Our flagship cider celebrates Tennessee and the Southeast. Down the Way is made using apples solely from orchards in our state and the surrounding region. We work with farmers each fall to come up with a balanced blend based on that year’s harvest — meaning every year’s Down the Way will be uniquely delicious.

Down the Way is available on draft or in our 750mL bottles. We recommend popping one of these chilled bottles with good company and serving it in wine glasses or snifters. Drink up, enjoy, and cheers to our farmers!

The 2018 Blend:

  • APPLES: Winesap, Arkansas Black, Pink Lady, Golden Delicious, & Granny Smith.

  • FRUIT SOURCE: Orchards in Tennessee and North Carolina.



  • SPARKLING? You bet.

  • GLUTEN FREE? Naturally!

  • ABV: Coming in at 6.8%

2018’s Down the Way is dry, effervescent, and refreshing. The apples were grown in TN and NC, and — after pressing the fruit — the pulp went to a TN cattle farm as a treat for their animals. That’s what we call full circle.

While delicious on its own, it also pairs nicely with a variety of dishes (think sharp cheeses, chicken, pork, fish, anything with some heat) and can make a great addition to a cocktail.

INGREDIENTS: Unfiltered juice from fresh, regional apples & champagne yeast

Why The Batch Numbers?

We are a small-scale cidery — when we say “handcrafted,” we mean it. We do limited runs to our orchards and work in small batches. Though Batch No. 1 and Batch No. 2 of this year’s Down the Way were made using the same blend and process, they were aged separately. The flavor profiles will be very similar, but there can be minute differences — which is why we like to denote batches on our bottles and kegs.